new client packages.

To allow you to experience our beautiful salons and meet our creative stylists, we have designed our new client packages just for you.

Balayaged Babe $289 new client
Have your hair balayaged and blended to perfection including baby-light face framing, pH bonder treatment, toner and blow wave.
Blonde Ambition $270 new client
Feel revamped with a full-head of highlights, pH Bonder treatment, toner and blow wave
Rescue My Hair! $170 new client
pH Bonder treatment & massage + style cut and blow wave + take home pH Bonder product


Director stylist - style cut & blow wave $140
Senior artist - style cut & blow wave $94
Senior artist - restyle cut & blow wave $120
Emerging artist - style cut & blow wave $59
Male cut & blow wave $45
Creative Hair up $79
Bridal hair (packages available) $120
T Section $45
Short from $100
Medium from $110
Medium/Long from $150
Regrowth touch up $95
Balayage touch up (ends) $165
Balayage Root blend + Ends from $230

There may be additional colour charges for hair length or extra product used, please ask us for a complimentary consultation and exact quote. All of our colour work is followed by a beautiful blow wave finish and has a charge of $40. Please ensure a finishing service such as cut or blow wave is selected if booking online.

Half head from $140
Full head from $180
Regrowth and foil refresh $189
Long hair by consultation
Short $280
Medium $320
Long $400
Keratin Blowout $150
Blow wave - Short/Medium Length $50
Blow wave - Long Hair $60
Blow wave with colour $40
Blow wave with GHD or Roller finish from $65
Intensive pro treatment $39
Extended scalp massage (15 mins) $19
pH​ ​bonder​ ​in​ ​basin​ treatment - 
A complete solution to strengthen and reform hair bonds, increases elasticity and appears visibly healthier, shinier and smoother. The answer to blonde hair health.
Toner $30
Faux lashes + application $22
Hair Extension consultation Complementary
T2 Strawberry’s and cream or Black Rose tea, Coffee, red or white New Zealand wines (after 4.30pm)


First time Brazilian or over 6 weeks $70
Brazilian maintenance under 6 weeks $55
Extended bikini $45
Basic bikini $30
Half leg $45
Full leg $65
Half arm $35
Full arm $55
Under arm $25
Single patch $5
Brow Code Brows + Finish - We sculpt and style the brow using a gentle hot wax suitable for sensitive skin. Using our signature range of e Colour brow tint we will colour match your eyebrow to highlight any fair hairs which may impact a stronger shape to your brow. To finish we dress your brows in one of our 7 Melanie Marris brow balms $50
Brow shape + finish $30
Brow tint $19
Lash tint $35
Lash lift + tint $75
Brow Code Glam - Includes the Brow Code Brows & Finish + Lash tint $68
Brow Code Model Behaviour - Lash Lift + 'The Full Brow Code Glam $125
Henna Brow Spa 
This long lasting brow tint will see you well through to your next appointment. We prep the brow with a relaxing cleanse, colour and shape.
Lip and chin $25
Lip or chin $15
Single patch $5
First time Male Brazilian or over 6 weeks $110
Male Brazilian maintenance under 6 weeks $79
Chest $45
Back $55
Back & chest $90


We offer IPL hair removal that is virtually pain-free! hair removal on both light and dark hair types and almost any skin type safely and with great results! As well as hair removal our market leading 1200 Plus IPL machine offers great results with skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, vascular and acne (View these treatments under (Cosmetic facial & skin rejuvenation).

G String (30min) $89
Bikini (30min) $65
Brazilian (30mins) $165
Brazilian - Pay for 4 get 5 $660
Bottom - Back of Brazilian $49
Butt Cheeks (30min) $100
Navel - Snail Trail (30mins) $49
Areolas (20mins) $50
Chin (20mins) $55
Sides of Face (30mins) $59
Full Face (45mins) $139
Half Leg (30mins) $165
Full Leg (1 hour) $350
Back of Legs - top (30mins) $99
Half Arm (30mins) $85
Full Arm (30mins) $199
Underarm (15mins) $$85
Pay for 4 get 5! (Bikini) $260
Pay for 4 get 5! (Upper Lip - 15mins) $195
Pay for 4 get 5! (Underarm) $340
Pay for 4 get 5! (Full Leg) $1400

brow feathering.

What is Brow Feathering?
Brow feathering (also known as Microblading), refers to semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing and is performed with a very fine blade creating beautifully natural hair-like strokes. The colour of your brows will be custom created to suit your skin-tone and meticulously measured to find symmetry on the face. 

For other tattoo options please see below.


Brow Feathering Consultation (30mins)

Includes colour consultation


Brow Feathering 1st & 2nd Session (2 sessions required)

Includes aftercare cream + topical anaesthetic


Full Brow Reconstruction 1st & 2nd Session (2 sessions required)

This service is for those with very little to no natural brows. Extra time is required to measure the new brow to be constructed and requires more time to perform.

Full Brow Reconstruction Final Touch $79

cosmetic tattooing.

Combination brows
Combination brows are a gorgeous mix of both shading and hair strokes with graduated colour leading out to the arch and end of the brows. We offer this with manual and machine based options or a combination of the two. Requires 2 separate appointments, spaced 4-5 weeks apart.



Wake up with makeup, upper eyeliner with a slight to exaggerated wing creating a sultry eye without the daily effort to perfect your eye makeup! Requires 2 separate appointments, spaced 4-5 weeks apart.



The perfect way to enhance your pout! Lip liner accentuates the lips and can be used to help correct the shape. Colour can be matched to your own lip colour or slightly deepened make the lip boarder to appear stronger. Requires 2 separate appointments, spaced 4-5 weeks apart. )


Full lip contour & colour

Lip liner and full lip colour blush. Requires x2 sessions.


Top and lower eyeliner

Both top and lower eyeliner, performed by an experienced cosmetic tattooist.


Brow tattoo removal treatment

Designed to remove previous or incorrect cosmetic tattoo work. A number of sessions may be required, your therapist will advise the approx. sessions required.


beauty bar.

Make Up application - Our talented Makeup artists are available to get you camera ready! Whatever the event we will have you looking gorgeous using the full BECCA range $65
Express service - With a focus on the eyes! have your eye make up perfected with our gorgeous BECCA range $45
Faux lash application - We provide the lashes $20
Mini facial and brow shape to any make up service - We prep and prime your skin for the ultimate makeup application - Performed at our makeup counter, your brows will be groomed skin will be double cleansed, serum infused, toned and moisturised before receiving your make-up glam. $55
Botox - By consultation (Performed by a registered nurse)

lash extensions.

Natural Girl Set - Adds length and definition whilst still maintaining a natural look. Approx 50-60 lashes per eye (45mins) $65
Lashed Babe - Creates a dramatic and super glam lash line. Various lengths available with maximum volume. 80- 100 Lashes per eye (60mins) $85
Super Glam - The ultimate intense eye, full and super thick. 110 - 130 lashes (75mins) $110



Natural Girl Set (30mins) $50
Lashed Babe (45min) $70
Super Glam (60mins) $95


(mixture of Classic and Russian volume lashes)

Natural Hybrid (60mins) $95
Full Volume Hybrid (90mins) $140



Natural Hybrid Infills (50mins) $80
Full Volume Hybrid Infills (75mins) $120
Removal (30mins) $25



Natural - Adds length and definition whilst still maintaining a natural look. Approx. 50-60 lashes per eye (75mins)


Infills: $40

Lashed Babe - Creates a dramatic and super glam lash line. Various lengths available with maximum volume. 80- 100 Lashes per eye (75mins)


Infills: $40

advanced skin & rejuvenation treatments.

Micro-dermabrasion & Mini facial

Micro-dermabrasion is one of the easiest and most effective ways to fight the effects of ageing and lines. It creates the most stunning effect on the skin by resurfacing the dry epidermal layer, allowing facial products to be absorbed deep into the skin and make-up to be applied and worn beautifully. We double cleanse, microderm, mask, massage and moisturise with BABE INC advanced natural skincare.

Add mild glycolic peel







(CIT) Collagen Induction Treatment + Soothing Mask

Collagen induction is a non-invasive, highly advanced skin treatment that uses microscopic needles for skin conditions ranging from ageing and pigmentation to acne scarring, enlarged pores, or stretch marks. Collagen induction is a robust skin treatment and is perfect for anyone wanting to see instant and measurable results.

Add mild glycolic peel






Skin Rejuvenation
Skin rejuvenation IPL is a non-invasive procedure that is used to treat a wide  variety of skin conditions without disrupting the skins surface. IPL can help reduce the appearance of pigmented spots, freckles and sun damage, small veins and capillaries, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation from acne scarring.

Full Face Treatment $250
Decolletage Treatment $250
Hands $99


10 x Blow Waves - Value up to $600 $390
10 x Brow Shape, Tint & Finish - Value up to $450 $299